What Are The Best Places To Find Gothic Fashion Accessories?

goth photoIf you’re in the market for gothic fashion accessories, you might find yourself struggling to find interesting pieces out in the wild these days. That particular style isn’t quite as mainstream as it was ten to fifteen years ago, making it a pain to find anything new. If you’re resourceful enough however, you can still land some great additions that will help breathe new life into any old outfit you might still enjoy wearing. Consider the following:

1 – Etsy

First of all, you should definitely consider searching for gothic fashion accessories on Etsy. Everything sold on the site is hand crafted to some degree by self-taught, independent artists. At the very least, you’ll know what you’re wearing is either a one of a kind or vastly more unique than anything you’ll find in the Spencer’s Gifts and Hot Topics of the world. There are so many listings available, you’ll likely be able to keep going back to this particular well again and again!

2 – eBay

goth photoeBay is another great source for gothic accessories, provided you don’t have anything against buying used! The best thing about eBay is that the selection naturally changes all the time. Some days your searches may come up dry, but other times you’ll be able to find some absolute gems. You’ll be able to find pieces from decades past as well, helping bring a sense of timelessness to your overall look.

3 – Craigslist, Swap Meets, And Yard Sales

goth photoFinally, you should check out any swap meets and yard sales in your area. Craigslist should be browsed as often as possible as well. The potential selection will be much along the same lines as what you might find on eBay, but you’ll have the advantage of being able to check out items in person before you buy!

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